Airsoft AEG Question?

Question:I want to buy an airsoft machine gun that is under 100 dollars.
I need a large capacity magazine (like 150+ bb's)
i want to mount a scope on top of the gun (non-magnifying)
i want the gun to have auto and semi auto

plz give the gun name and a website i can buy it from

Also, i was thinking of the AIM M4 A1 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG V2

can i mount a non magnifying scope on this gun and take off the things on top?


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The AIM M4 A1 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG V2 is a good deal, however I would suggest you look into all metal products. They will be more expensive, but I can tell you from experience that it is a lot easier to damage a plastic gun than it is to damage a metal one.

If you want to stick to your price range I would recommend this gun. It is made by a respectable manufacturer and has better performance as well as the fact that it comes with a scope.

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you can't really expect a good airsoft gun for under $100. Get an AK-47!

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