A marlin smacked me on the face last night and it's scales cut my cheek. Should I still eat the fish?


What is the tongue weight of a 1995 JAYCO - designer travel trailer 32' *?

Marlin's don't have scales. Now you can eat a Marlin but if you are Jewish this is considered a Non-Kosher fish. Jewish people do not eat fish without scales.

Are hollow point bullets legal in CA?

of course you should.GET REVENGE! muahahaha

Semi auto airsoft gas gun?

You don't eat Marlin. Sorry.

How to make a blowgun (video included)?

Yes, and add a little bit of lemon for flavor.

Airsoft DPMS panther carbine?

oh yeah, and tell it to "get in my belly!"

What is the best way to incorpoate a soft shell fleece into a layered clothing system.?

Absolutely, that'll teach him for smacking you in the face!

Wher can i find free literature on a1963 40 hp evinrude?

what are you serious? ofcourse and i hope thats the best marlin you ever had aswell. you deserve it

Which is a better barrel, a stiffi or a hammerhead?

Revenge is a fish best served with butter and lemon. Yes, scarf that bad boy down!

How to use a sunbeam dehydrator for deer jerky, this one has 5 trays and fan?

Yep, chow down.

Join a group for outdoor activities?

you will not eatscales do you.eat the fish and take out the scales

I need information on bending wood gunstocks?

marlin dont have scales. this must be a fish story.

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