Air Rifle problems?

Question:I killed someone what shall I do ?!! Nah just kidding, I have a Beeman FH500, i know it aint the best ever but it was what I coudl afford atm. However the problem is, when I'm using it, soemtimes after a shot, it seems to have a pellet inside it. There is no pellet in the barrel I look through it and there aint anything there but the trigger is tight and when I press it it sounds like a pellet has come out. I have pointed it right at a bit of wood and nothign has come out.

Why is this?


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From what I gather the build quality on Chinese origin airguns is variable and if you get a duffer it will attempt to dis-assemble itself. Sounds like yours may be on the way. Check with a few airgunner forums.

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The gun is playing with you or maybe you dont know how to use it if there is a pellet in there there is if there aint there aint it doesnt sound like its jamming or double shooting so the gun might be a little premature. It doesnt sound like you got a problem

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To me, after 1000's and 1000's of shots, dry firing and live firing sound pretty similar, except for when the pellet hits the target and makes a thud.
Perhaps you aren't hearing the thud because you didn't hit the target? I'd find a range that allows airguns. You'll find a person to help you in person if you ask. All anyone can do here is guess.

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