Accurate airguns?


I bought some 7.62x54R ammo surplus, and the tips are color coded; I don't know what the color means.?

check Cabelas. They have a variety.

Is a green trout also known as a largemouth bass?

Some are, more than others.

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There's a lot of 'um.
How much do you want spend?
More money, better accuracy.
Most are German and British made,
If you can afford custom made or
tuned guns, better yet. Most stock guns,
are somewhat accurate, it all depends on what
type of pellet you use in the gun. Just because you use
a specific type of pellet dosen't mean it's going to hit the target.
This is something that EVERYONE new to airguns dosen't
realize. You have to try diffrent types of pellets to find out which
pellet/pellets that shoots best in the gun. When I first started shooting I had to find out the hard way, nobody told me this. I had to experiment and learn on my own.

I keep posting this link to everone who has air gun questions, these guys are some of the best in the world. That's because they come from all over the world. Also, I keep telling you guys ask the REAL AIR GUNNERS, nobody here has the experience that the forum guys have.
Trust me, these guys know air guns.
I use this forum everyday.

I am looking for a valuation on the j.w young ambidex no1 casting reel?

Mostly British ones.

What is the best caliber for white tail on the market?

british shotguns

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