A little info on the Mauser 98 30/06?

Its a VZ-24. Its at least 30 years old.


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About 200 bucks, is this the one you have?

Unless your rifle had the barrel changed, it's not a 30-06, it's an 8mm.

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He must of put a different barrel on it because the Mauser was originally 8mm caliber. Or he had it bored out to 30-06.. I am still interested in purchasing it... Contact me by E-mail when your ready to sell ..

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Somebody likely used a VZ action to make a custom rifle, and that could translate to any value.

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Mauser was a weapons manufacture that made military weapon for several countries, there by chambering them for what ever the country desired as to calibers.
I do know one country did order the 98 mauser in 30-06 but off hand I do not know which country it was.
I acquired one from a old man 25 years ago who told me the weapon was part of a shipment that he was in charge of and took this weapon for his own.
It was still in the military stock and still had the old military sights and was stamped 30-06 caliber, it was in pristine condition.
I bought it and left the old mauser step barrel on it replaced the trigger, safety, stock, had the bolt forged and had it drill and taped for a scope.
I never replaced the barrel because it shoot so well, with the old military barrel.
I had it for 10 years and was talked out of it for the right price, and now wish I had keep it.

But note that mauser rifle actions are used a lot by gunsmiths to build any caliber you could wont.

Most re-barrel jobs replace the old military stepped barrel to a smooth modern tapered barrel.
Is yours a tapered barrel or a military step barrel?
Is the rifle still in the old military stock?
Does yours look like the photo in this link?

I have built 2 rifles off the mauser 98 action and am now working on yet another one.

***insert from link***
The vz.24 rifle is a rifle designed and produced in Czechoslovakia from 1924 to 1942. It was developed from the Mauser Gewehr 98 line, though is not a clone of any specific Mauser model. The Wehrmacht had 11 divisions equipped with the rifle at the start of war, though vast majority of its life as a military service rifles was during peacetime with the Czechoslovak Army. Production continued for the German Army, which designated it Gewehr 24(t). About 762,000 rifles of this pattern were produced in Czechoslovakia for the Czechoslovak army and some other 330,050 for the German armed forces.

The vz.24 rifle was designed in Czechoslovakia shortly after WWI. "vz." is an abbreviation for vzor, which translates to model, "24" represents the year of the design, 1924 and replaced the 98/22 mauser that was in production before i

For more info on the Mauser 98 view link attached.


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The mauser did in fact come in 30-06 its not a freak or rebored just rare but they are great sporting rifles and handle scope mounting well,I have used one myself and sold them as surplus before I retired.The other guys links are good and his info is correct just wanted to head all those saying it was only a 8mm which is not so.

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i know only about norway and colombia which equipped with 30-06 mauser k98.
does it have one crest insigna?
i know vz 24 was czech. maybe it's a rebuilt rifle.
to me, is good if in good conditions. 30-06 is much better than german 8x57js

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