1987 e110 tlcur evinrude starts in the morning, after running wot is hard to get restarted any suggestions?

my engine is hard starting in the morning, afterI get it going it runs fine until I turn it off to fish then when I try to restart it it won't start. Sometimes it takes an hr or more and sometimes it won't restart for a few hrs or I end up running my battery dead. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Don


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could be a bad coil

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Ask in the boating column of the cars and transportation section.

Check fuel filter, lines and pump

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I own a 110 evinrude with similar problems. It turned out to be the power pack. When problem shows up raise engine foot to reduce back pressure. If it cranks better suspect power pack

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check your gas line and bulb. does it start after you pump it up? if so replace the line and bulb. I would be more inclined to think it is gas related than electrical.

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