A good trail riding dirt bike?

just something reliable and easy to work on...any suggestions?


Going to my first gun show?

Honda, they are the most reliable thing you can buy. My family has a 48 year old Honda dirt bike that my grandfather gave to us. The engine just recently seized, but my brother says he will probably be able to fix it, he's good with engines. My brother's neighbor has a Honda CRF250 2-Stroke and he said that it was one of the best (and fastest) bikes he has ever ridden.

So I would go with Honda no matter what you buy, especially dirt bikes!

Do fishing gadgets work and are they worth the price.?

Buy a Honda. You wont be dissapointed

Are the threads on the barrel of the tippmann 98 custome the same as the threads on the tippmann 98 pro?

I like Kawasaki,but Honda is hard to beat.

How many deer can you shoot in Texas in a season?


If a bear attacks while im camping, would a 357mag be enough to stop it?

Ride RED. honda is what i grew up on and will raise my kids on. They're competitve in the racing scene if you wanna go that route and the maintenance will never be an issue. I'm not saying parts won't wear out, because they do. but honda's in my experience are far more dependable. Whatever you decide, enjoy the ride!!

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