30 06 rifle: winchester vs remington?

im looking for a good .30 60 (7.62 x 63 mm) caliber rifle im not much of a hunter but im looking for a long range rifle to pratice and stuff with. i may get into hunting next years season. so i dont want some super expensive rifle but not some bottom of the line deal either. im thinking of the remington 7400 in .30 06 it seems like a good starter rifle that i can also transfer into my hunting. or should i spend the extra 200 bucks and get the winchester 30.06 springfield or any other .30 06 winchester rifle. would it matter come when i start hunting or will the 7400 be a good rifle to own? also if you know of any other good .30 06 rifles that would be good for my use and a price around $300-350 im open to suggestions. thanks


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I second the Rem 710 for you. Can't go wrong and you can always trade it up in the future if you want, knowing you can get 80% or more of what you invested.

It's a great beginner package, good quality and easy to operate and clean.

Start with a bolt action gun. It will shoot better than you.meaning you can practice a lot from a bench rest and work on your shooting skills without dealing with the complexities of a semi-auto.

30.06 is a good calibre. Easy to find and cheap practice ammo and it will serve to hunt just about anything you want in North America. Don't be seduced by any of the Magnum calibres. They are often more than is needed and can be expensive to practice with. They are in my book just "macho toys" for big boys.

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the Remington will work just fine for a beginner or a veteran hunter, it is a good reliable gun with plenty of deer killing power. if your not sure if you are going to get into hunting i would recommend saving the $300 and sticking with the Remington.

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I have killed many deer with a .30 06 , a damn good rifle, And then I got serious,, I added to my collection a Remington .25 06 700 bdl a serious flat shooter ,, A far better long distance shooter,,,, 400- 500 yards ,, no problem,, less recoil than the 30 06 ,, believe me If I were you I would go with the .25 06 !!!

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check out the Remmington 710, its a good starter package. comes with a bore sighted scope also. around $350 new.

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I would go Remington, just based on the fact that I own 2, they're easy to maintain, very reliable, and you can find extra clips, accessories, etc. just about anywhere. Not that Winchester isn't a good gun, though.

I would somewhat question your wanting the 7400, which is a semi-automatic. I would lean more towards the 7600 pump, which is just as good, and accurate. If this is going to be an entry level gun for you, I would deifinitely stay away from semi-auto. If you're looking for target/competition shooting you'll want a bolt action rifle anyway. (Rem. Model 700 or any previous models).
Check out a local gun show. You can find good deals and info.
Good luck.

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Take a look at the Savage line of guns. Savage makes some really good shooting guns at very reasonable prices. The .30 - 06 is an excellent round for deer. There are other very good chamberings for deer but if you are set on buying a .30-06 go ahead because it is a tried and true round that is good for deer as well as most any other animal on the North American Continent.

Of the two brands that you are asking about, the Remington is generally considered the better rifle. My choice of Remington rifles is the Model 700 with the bull barrel. A bit heavy but a real tack driver. When deer hunting weight is not usually a factor since you will most likely be hunting from a blind rather than walking and carrying the rifle great distances. The increase in accuracy is worth the little bit of extra weight.

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Ugh. I got a Remington model 710 30-06.
I don't know, both are really good.

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I would say a Remington M700, that is the rifle the Marine Corps built their sniper rifle off of. And it is one of the best sniper rifles in the world.

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winchester would be your best bet for the money and walmart has them all day long with scope go check it out and good luck.

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Any of the Remington 700 series. The bolt action rifles are always the most acurate & trouble free & are right in your price range.

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Winchester are gone. Not necessarily a good option in case you ever need parts.

308 will do anything a 30-06 will do and there's a small advantage in availability of ammunition and accuracy, they also fit a short action.

For long range a heavy rifle is better and for hunting it's a real pain to hump it around all day. Semi autos usually aren't incredibly accurate either, so maybe not the best choice if your primary interest is ling range. How long? I knew I most likely wouldn't hunt with my long range rifle so I got the Savage 12 BVSS in 300 WSM, but you wouldn't want to carry it anywhere.

There's some reasonably priced 30-06s on Gunbroker.com, might be worth a look.

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