Air Soft Guns?

What stores have air soft guns and what are their websites? Do they hurt people or is it just a soft thing being shot at you?


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almost any sporting goods or if u cant find one u can go to walmart and yes they hurt people the word SOFT in airSOFT doesnt mean they are toys and should be used with shooting glasses always. when u get shot its usually a 6mm .12g plastic BB if not they could be steel or copper BBs both are VERY dangerous and could kill someone.If u plan on buying one buy it with shooting glasses because they cause serious eye injury and could cause blindness.

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you can go to any sport store and they will probably have airsoft guns...and just because they have the word SOFT in airSOFT does NOT mean they are soft...usually you're getting shot with 6mm .12 g plastic bb's which arn't soft...even worst some really retarded ppl shoot echother with airguns...that use .177 caliber METAL bbs!..don't do it

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