After running in cold weather, jaw hurts greatly and theres pain in ears, how to prevent / make feel better?

When I run indoors or in warmer weather I don't have any problems; however, I just came in from running in the cold, and my jaw hurts tremendously and my ears are in pain. What can I do to prevent this and treat it if it does happen again?


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Use gloves, and cover your ears. This probably means that your close to getting frostbite. This is when the body gets energy from the useless parts of it, to get energy to more important parts like the head and stomach.

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Happens to me to, I just try to avoid running in the cold lol

You could try bundling up more though, scarf, hats...that sorta stuff. It'll make it a lot harder to run, but might help.

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run inside!

and they call me goofball

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keep you mouth closed when you run, breath through your nose

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i love it its easier to run u dont sweat but it feels like ur mouth is bleeding profusely but ignore the pain.

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keep warm. use some sort of ear cover or hat and a scarf over your mouth and face covering the neck below the ears. try not to breath cold air breath through the scarf

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