About a bb gun?

Does any one know where I can find a bb gun (single pump, 400-600 fps, bb/pellet, scope, no single shot bb) between $50-$75?


How Do I become a better paintball player? i am intermediatlely good.?

http://www.pyramydair.com/cgi-bin/show.p... this link is the best you may not get the price you want for 400 feet per second. you could also try a local paintball dealer ummm. tippmann makes them so you can try them too. e-mail me im the king of bb gun wars. skweejal@yahoo.com

Fishing line leaders?

Have you checked Wal-Mart?

What are the 10 most powerful handguns?

You'll shoot your eye out!

(Christmas Story reference)

How can i tell how old my sig sauer p220 is?

Try here


What is the best multi-fuel stove to go for?


How do people keep warm when they're outside in 20 degree below temperatures?

Almost any sporting goods store or gun shop will have them In my opinion the best are Chinese made for about 30 dollars and will shoot consistant. Shooting a BB gun is one of the best ways to improve shooting skills and you can practise almost anywhere. It is also good for trainging you neighborhood pests to stay out of your yard

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