A mossberg 20 gauge combo?

i was just wonderinf it its any good cause i need a gun for hunting deer and just an all around season gun.


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I like your choice, 20 ga. is a good all around gun. However make sure you know your accuracy and can place your shot. i know plenty of people who have taken deer (at close range) with a 20 ga.

I don't care how powerful or weak a gun is..it is only as good as you the shooter.

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I own a mossberg 20 gauge. I wouldn't shoot deer with it, I have a Howa .308 for that, but the shotgun is great for shooting birds. Less kick than a 12 guage.

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The Mossberg is almost unbreakable and they will keep working for all most for ever. Parts can be had for at a very low cost easy to work on. 20ga will kill about any thing that you will be hunting. I have 2 Mossbergs in 12ga a 500 and a 590 some day I would to get a 20ga one. The only compliant I have ever heard against the Mossberg is that they rattle.

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Not a bad choice. Make sure you get a rifled slug barrel and a bird barrel with choke tubes in 26" or 28".

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made in texas great gauge up here in ny where most of the state is shot gun only the 20 gauge riffled barrel with sabots is a dam good choice cant go wrong but afer a while they do tend rattle but work fine

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Yes it is a good cause to buy a combo,but if you have the money Iwould go buy a Remington 870 of any gauge you want.I have had problems with mossberg shotguns,like shells jamedin the chamber,safety sticking and mossberg pump shootguns have longer stroke than the Remington shotguns. GOODLUCK

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