I am considering hunting predators. What to do with harvested game?

Coyotes and fox edible?


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you can have the beef made into jerky, all kinds of game make great Jerky. if you tan the hides you have great leather. if you cant use either, sell it. mounting big game is still done.

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Everythings edible get a trappers license and sell the fur can you learn to skin um or ya just want to kill um that wouldn't be cool but you ask what to do with the game so I guess thats ok.

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Feed them to the hogs. We use to trap 5-6 thousand musk rats in a season and raise hogs. They even ate the bones. CAUTION: Don't fall in th pen. lol
Bigbair70 (Never let them see you sweat)

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Fox you hunt for the fur and coyotes you hunt because they are varmint and I wouldn't even have that meat turned into jerkey. But I hear the food bank always takes donations.

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skin and sell the hide i guess you could eat them

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Everything is edible to a meat eater. Pelts or mounting are cool.

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Predator hunting is a sport like any other.
It’s main purpose is to keep the exploding population in check.
Why do we have an exploding population, fur prices are at an all time low.
With out the predator hunter depredation by these predators is extensive.
The only alleviate this situation with out hunting would be to reintroduced
The super predators as in Wolfs, Mountain lions and Bears.
Yes I know Lions Tigers and bears OH MY.
For the super predators feed up on the lesser predators thus creating a balance.
If we abide in the live and let live mind set the it will in turn come back and haunt us.
For we can not expect the Rancher to sustain losses to his live stock with out it effecting us the consumer.
Let alone those who live in suburbs and more rural areas who discover Fluffy is gone for ever.
For Coyotes do so love the pet Cat or Medium to Small dog that has been interdicted as part of the food chain.
Hunting predators or Varmints is seldom profitable to the wallet or table.
I my self would not eat them other then a life and death situation would say do what you must.
People have eaten stranger things, Like Shells
But before selling any part of any wildlife know the laws governing such things.
As to Disposal again check with the Wildlife department in your area.
The state in which I reside considers it biodegradable and allows you to leave it where it lays
Or any portion you do not desire keep for a memento.

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Most people throw them away, and sell the pelts.
I once ate some coyote and it wasn't that bad, but I have been told it is not safe to eat most predators because of decease, but I eat alot of bear and mountain lion and it hasn't killed me yet.
I also think it depends on which state you live in.
Here in Montana I have always been told only eat animals that are killed in a month that has the letter r in it.

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the Indians ate dogs and probably foxes ,coyotes if they were real hungry probably about anything. If I was starving to death I would be first in line.

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Eating a coyote or fox would be like eating a dog. I wouldn't try it, but if you want, go ahead.

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Leave them where they drop for coyotes and you will have none come around anymore.

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Ask around and find a trapper/predator hunter in your area. They will buy the animals whole from you, and while you don't get as much from them this way, fur prices are so abominable anyway, your not out much. Plus all you have to do is throw them out of your pickup. If your lucky, you can at least cover ammo, and some gas, and if you're really lucky, maybe even a box of beer for after the hunt.

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