Afraid of falling off a skateboard?

Question:I'm getting OK with doing some sorta half-ollies on the grass but whenever I try to do an ollie on cement my heart races. I feel like a wimp and I am afraid of falling. But I really want to like this activity. Any ideas? excersices??
-_-" Any advice is welcome just NO hurtful comments
thanks(i used my mom's account to post a guy)..IM DESPARATE


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This is one of the first of the "big fears" experienced by skateboarders, so don't feel like you're a wimp for freaking out about it. We, as skaters, have ALL experienced this same fear to one degree or another.

I would first ask if you can actually ollie on cement while rolling along? Even if you can "kinda" do it whether it be in the grass or on the pavement, it's a confidence thing. It's not a big deal, but instead of telling you to go buy protective equipment and/or how to fall correctly, I would say that you have to be comfortable just getting around on a board before learning other things.

When I first learned ollies in a street settting I was pretty terrified of doing the following:
-losing my balance on the landing and having the board shoot out from underneath me
-having my front foot slide too far off the front and having the board slam into my ankle
-having the board rotate accidentally and me land on the side of the deck and falling flat on my butt
-breaking my arm by bracing my fall
-actually landing it correctly.

These may/may not be your concerns and I don't want to freak you out, but I temporarily dismissed the trick for a few weeks and just practiced getting around the city on a skateboard - going really fast down the road, rolling over/down curbs, dealing with rocks on the ground. I found that after I was comfortable just being on the board and having the ability to maneuver the way I wanted, I was comfortable enough to try ollies on the pavement because I learned how to bail, run out, or roll out from riding around the streets.

I don't think here is the best forum to explain the many ways to bail out of a trick and I personally don't think padding up heavily and just "going for it" is the answer either. It really comes down to being comfortable at pushing yourself to get over whatever fears you might have with executing a trick. Experience plays a large part in it and I believe that if you can do little things, basic things, as a building block to build your confidence, the next evolution of your skating (like a street ollie on pavement ) will be easier to handle mentally/physically. So if you feel that the grass ollies are helping you build confidence, do that. When you get to cocnrete just do stationary ollies, the roll slowly.Later on you can pick up the pace by rolling faster. Build on it. Do what you have to do to help you get to the next step.

Wait, let me backtrack a bit.. pads are a good thing. I don't want to give you the wrong idea about safety equipment because I always wear some form of protective equipment. What I meant to say was that although wearing safety equipment can be empowering in that you can feel like you can take a harder fall if you mess up, it is important to know that you can still get hurt while wearing pads.

..and even though learning how to ollie requires a small degree of technical ability and coordination, don't be discouraged if you can't get it immediately. Have patience, be persistent and, above all, have fun. It's what it's all about. I've been skating for over 20 years and it's still fun to me.

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umm prob what u need is more balnce or just wear like pads to fall onto instead of your skin

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put on the proper safety gear and go for it, your gonna fall, its gonna hurt. the better you get the less you'll fall.

practice , practice , practice.

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its pretty simple. just practice not falling off.

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