Airsoft aeg recomendation?

Recomendation for a metal gearbox good quality aeg airsoft rifle for under 65 dollars


Does any know of any clay pigeon shoots in essex?

If I were you, I'd save up about another fifty bucks and get the UTG MP-5 AEG. It has a metal gearbox, two different types of stocks, a couple of batteries, a charger, and a 150 and 500 round wind-up magazines.

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That's a tough one. Metal gearbox AEG's advertised for less than 100.00 usually don't come with batteries and chargers, which are necessary for operation. For a bargain deal, search out "WELL R6 AEG" Its a clone of a Tokyo Marui M-4 carbine.
Pretty cool, and less than 100.00 if you shop around. Less than 65.00? Good luck there.

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