Airgunners. I own a gamo pt80 and when i screw in the powerlet, i hear gas escaping.?

The seal was fine when I bought it, but after a few (40) rounds, I replaced the powerlet and have tried three times, each with a new powerlet. Gas seeps past the seals, and continues to do so until it appears to reach a comfortable lever for the seal to bear. I've screwed in the retaining screw as far as it will go. There are no visible flaws in the surface, and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to improve the gas retention for the seal. I otherwise take very good care of it, it was bought recently, about november 30th. Please help.


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It'll either have a small o-ring or a white cup seal, which is a small, flat, white disc around the valve that pierces the CO2 catridge. Try replacing it. If CO2 has been leaking onto the seal, it'll warp the seal. Replacing it should fix it.

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Occasionally new seals are bad, if you have replaced them once, take it back to wherever you bought it, sounds like it is a manufacturers defect.

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If you hear air escaping continually until the cartridge is empty, you probably have a bad seal, small O-ring where the top of the cylinder plugs in.
If it is just a short burst, that is the gas escaping as you install the cylinder, which is normal.

you might try to put some vaseline, very lightly around the seal end of the cylinder before you install a new one and see if that improves your performance, otherwise i would try to exchange it for a different may have a slightly warped seat.

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