Does one have to be crazy to climb mt hood in december?

wouldnt it be easier to jump off the golden gate bridge?


Airsoft gun magazine?

What bothers me is how much money our government pays to rescue stranded hikers.the hikers should have to pay a hefty fee to climb to offset the annual cost of rescue.

My heart and prayers go out to the families of the hikers, but I think they have to admit that there loved ones have gotten in over their heads.hopefully they are in God's hands and he will see them to safety.

Should i buy the spyder mr1 or the tippmann 98 for woodsball?

You don't have to be crazy, but it helps.

What do I need to buy a shotgun.?

Those three guys didn't think they were crazy.
I think, they think so now.

Where are some primitive camping sites close to Acadia National park in maine? Islands?

No, not crazy, suicidal. Stupid is as stupid does.

CZ 550 Lott part 2...?


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