ABOUT how many shots can I expect to get out of a 20 oz compressed air tank for a tippmann 98 custom?


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An unmodified Tippmann 98C with a 20oz will give you roughly 1000 shots. That will vary depending on temperature and weather. If it's cold or raining you'll get 800-900.

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well i havent used co2 in a whle but if my memory serves me right 800-900

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20 co2 tank will give you 1100 shots per fill on average.
For a tippmann, i'd say about 900-1000.

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I can shoot up to about 1500 rounds from a 20 oz tank on my tippman 98 custom upgraded to sniper. But its a very accurate gun and i dont shoot unless I can hit what I shoot at.

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