5 more weeks!!?

Five more weeks and the birds are going to fly.is anyone else getting as excited as I am?


Can I get a free schematic for a dan wesson 357 magnum?

I bet the birds are stoked!!!

Which ones stronger pellet guns or BB guns?

I am ... My hubby goes to nebraska for a week. Chick flicks and bottles of wine!

Should I buy a K-47?

my son is sooooo excited,he bought a new gun and cant wait to try it out

What is the biggist bluegill fish have you caught & where?mine was a?

Sure I love the winter so me and hubby can snuggle! I just wish it would snow more so that the kids could play in it or we all could have a snow ball fight!

What makes EVA soled shoes so slippery. On wet tile?

i assume you are talking about ducks & geese? i'm from alabama, it doesn't open here until thanksgiving weekend for 2 days, closes for 6 days then reopens thru january. yes i am getting exciteed too.

How do I affix a KAYAK ON top of a HONDA for travel to and from water?

yes i am but for a little different reason, in arkansas OCT. 1 is opening day of archery season for deer, turkey, and bear. so i have the same excitement as you only for a different reason. good luck and i hope you bust alot of feathers.

Freshwater fishing kissimmee?

I'm excited for bird, and also PA's muzzleloader season!

Are kwc gas airsoft guns better than hfc?

1st sat in Oct at noon for me

Why is hunting so much fun,i almost hate summer because all i can think about is october and deer,how about yo

northern wi
bustin feathers (geese & grouse)for a week now! its GREAT!! ducks start 9 a.m. tomorrow even better. got the deer runnin under the bow stand too! hunt hard die happy! best of luck to ya

How many volts does it take to shock a catfish and bring it to the surface?

i cant wait either

How do i land a 360 flip?

I already am our Dove season opened the first Saturday in September,and I am going back in the morning,Deer in my State of South Carolina,has opened for Bow,Oct 1 muzzel loaders,and Oct 11 the big guns start.SC has the longest Deer season in the U.S. Aug15 thru Jan 1 I am so excited I could just POOT!
Hope you Bag a lot of birds and Deer good luck!!

Canoe edging?

3 months till I get home. Season will still be open fo a few weeks so I to am waiting expectantly.

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