Why are climbing shoes curved?


How does a coyote hunt?

To give more strength and rigidity to the front of your foot.

If the front of your foot was flat on a small feature then the force of gravity would be pushing your toes up, with climbing shoes the force is directed back along your toes more, which gives less strain.

Does anyone have a copy of the instructions on how to put up an Ozark Dome tent. 10.5ft x 16ft?

So you don't trip over pointed toes and fall down the mountain.

Which airsoft gun is better? the UTG M324, or the HFC VSR-10?


The biggest freshwater lake in greatbritain?

to get a better grip on the rocks

Ages for handling a firearm (stamina etc, not law)?

for better grips.

If you can shoot a deer in deer season how come I can't shoot a tourist in tourist season?

So you can wrap your feet round rocks for better grip.

How much hieght is reqire for become a airhostes?

What everyone else said basically. Plus they are flexabile and can get into small cracks and onto small holds like your fingers can. Magic!

Horseback chicks?

there not when your feet are in them...

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