.17 Caliber round lead balls?


What is the best way to fish the X-rap?

.17 Caliber round lead balls, are usually made of lead, are round, and are .17 caliber (17/100th of an inch diameter).

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How many people visit US beaches annually?

The diameter of the ball is 170 thousandths of an inch. It's a BB.

Source for tranquilizer guns?

and your question is??
it sounds like the ammo for an airrifle or bb gun being that most bbguns are sized at .177 cal or .17 cal if you mean for a .17 hmr im not sure if you could get the accuracy or distance from a round ball as opposed to a boattail bullet please add a bit more info to your question

Fishing Help Please?

That would be about a BB.. As for 17 HMR..have a sweet bolt action savage heavy barrel..17HMR..hornady..coyote special.

What hair do u use for a mudler minnow fly?

You can use the balancing weights attached to tire rims and melt them down with a welder's torch to then pour the lead into molds.

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