7mm vs 300 WSM?

I live in south florida and hunt whitetail and wild boar, it is flat open grassland with dense palmetto oak and cypress heads. I want to buy a large cal rifle capable of 400 yard knockdown power and 500+ yard target accuracy without excessive recoil. which cal would be best ?


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With the two choices, I'd go with the 300 WSM.

Before deciding, perhaps you should check out the new Remington 300 and 7mm Magnum cartridges introduced in 2004 -if you haven't already.

Please, no contests and debates!
I'm just making a suggestion on something that I think one should consider before purchasing a new rifle.

I've read several on-line reviews and comparisons.
Here are some sites:

Generally speaking, people that have used the 300 Win Mag with 180 Gr bullets ... Sure, the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum would shoot flatter than the 300 H&H ... http://www.reloadersnest.com/article_300...

Remington's Short-Action Ultra Mags
Photo from same: http://www.rifleshootermag.com/ammunitio...

Chuck Hawks on Remington Managed-Recoil Cartridges

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300 WSM

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If you look at the ballistics the .300 WSM has better ballistics.
I currently own a .300 Win mag and a .300 Ulra mag, one of them is going up for sale and it will be replaced with a .300 WSM.
Most likely the .300 Win will be replaced.

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both good. check around to see what ammo is there. sometimes the new wsm ammo is hard to find and costs more... the wsm comes in a shorter action then 7mm i think... check with gun co... win. rem ect.

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I moved it to .500 S&w magnum after I saw a 569lb european boar take six shots of 30/30 while charging, and need another shot from a 30/06 to the side before going down.

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I'd go with the 300 wsm solely because of the range of bullets available for the .30 class.

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Out of those two, I like the Remington 7mm ultra mag. The ballistics are comparable, and very similar. The difference is the 300 is a heavier grain bullet, for the knockdown power. For your situation I like the .338 ultra mag, but what I did is bought the TC Encore, then you can buy other barrels for about 250.00 and experiment on your own, the downfall is the Encore is a single shot.

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For the deer and targets either will do just as well. But for the pigs I'd want to make as big a wound channel as possible so it would have to be the 300WSM.

I have a Savage 12BVSS in 300WSM and it's actually comfortable to shoot. It also has the Accutrigger which looks a bit strange but gives a safe and very light trigger pull. When I sighted it in the first group of 3 at 100 yards went into a hole less than the size of a nickel. But with a heavy 26" barrel you wouldn't really want to carry it all day. But I'm 6'3" and it's no problem to me.

You can't use an Encore with the WSMs, the thrust on the breech face is too much for the Encore action and the custom barrel manufacturers discontinued them. I also haven't had top accuracy, certainly not 500 yard target accuracy, with my Encore in 7mm Remington Magnum. But your mileage may vary. Still, single shot and pigs just don't go together in my mind.

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I can't argue with any comments here. All I can say is I did neck shoot a doe one time at 400 yds with a remington M-700 7mm mag.

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I can agree with the comment about the hog, you wanting a big wound track.
I have hunted for about 10 years with a Savage 110 30-06 and have had wonderful results. at one time I was sighted in at 200 yards shooting 180 grain shells and had only 1" of drop at 500 yards.
I would have to say go with the 300 just for the power and hole it will leave in the hog.

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the white tails in florida are tiny so you really dont need a blaster like that but get the 300, it sounds like your sniping not hunting

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I personally like the 7mm mag. I own 7mm remington mag and a 300 ultra mag.. i like the 7mm a little better because i whitetail hunt and 300 is to big. and 300 kicks way more and sores my should after a couple of shots.. im only 14 years old.. short mag will be a lighter gun but it will also recoil alott harder..Good Luck..are whitetail big down there? what is your email ill send you a pic of my big one i shot..

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