12 gage double barrel shotgun?

this is supposed to be a manntel peice now a days. colectables


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Kittylove: yea those doubble barrel shotgun can be collectors
items if they are dated back in Colonial time as known flintlocks
very common riffles ! http://www.firearmsoftheolwestmusem.com...

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Lets hear a bit more about the shotgun, is it an over and under, old? Do you know anything about it?

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Not all, alot of people use double barrels still. Either skeet, or upland, ie pheasants, quail. And most are very expensive. ranging from 800 to 5000 bucks. And they can either be side by side or over/under. If its an old shotgun, yeah I would say hang it on the wall. But I know several guys who still shoot those old timers.

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