A laser sight on a .22?

I know that .22s make poor weapon of choice for self defense, but what if you match it up with the accuracy of a laser and use hollow points? I want a 10/22 because of how inexpensive they are to go out and plink...but wonder about your thoughts on using it in home defense.


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In all honesty, I'd rather have a .22 LR for home defense than a 9mm or even a .45. There are two reasons. One, a .22 LR has better penetration than a 9mm by a good bit. Using a hollow point means better mushrooming effect which means that size wise the hole in your target(after the .22 has expanded) will be roughly the same or slightly larger than a 9mm. The Idea of a 10/22 is excellent. Many people don't realize how much more accurate a long gun is than a pistol and with adrenaline flowing and nerves on edge (which will be your condition if you find yourself defending your home and loved ones) the difference will be considerable as well as necessary. As for the laser sight, It will add an intimidation factor for sure which may be enough to discourage an intruder without having to fire a shot. However with practice and familiarity of your weapon you should get to be just as accurate at the distances involved without one. The idea of a shotgun for home defense is a good one as well, but if you want a gun to plink with as well, I think you've made a wise choice.

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you don't need to kill an intruder, you just need to hurt them.

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95% of todays military uses .223 , a well placed shot says more than a loud bang

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no matter how you look at it even the hyper velocity 22lr cartridges should not be considered for home defense. the ruger 10/22 is a great gun for plinking target shooting and even hunting small game, but you would be better off with a large kitchen knife for home defense. If it wass all i had during a home invasion i guess i would use it. You might want to consider a inexpensive , posibly used , shotgun for a home defense weapon. I have seen pump "home defense" 12g shotguns for under $130 new at dunhams...they are imported by century international arms, ive never shot one though. hope this helps.

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i'll tell you right now ... nobody is going to live with a chestfull of .22s ... they are much more effective at home defensethan people realize and very deadly ... ive dropped many dogs around 150lb with a single shot ...dont feel undergunned with a 22 rifle imo its one of THE most effective weapons inside the home that there are .almost no recoil, the noise wont deafen you, no flash to blind you ... and you can afford to practice alot which counts more than anything ... i would predict a 90% 1-shot drop to any hit in the head or chest of an intruder ...DEAD. .. i put a lazer on mine and a spot flashlight but you dont need it really .. it adds to the cool factor though ... in any tense situation its going to be a "point and pull the trigger a few times" deal anyway and chances are you wont miss with the trusty 22 . i have a few shotguns, a 44magnum, various pistols, assault rifles ... i'll grab a .22 rifle every time for that bump in the night.

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I have worked several murders involving the 22 cartridge. The faster bullets work fine. I highly recommend a bigger gun but if that is all you have, use it as it will work. Good points on it is low recoil which should help your accuracy, has a 10 round mag or bigger, not a lot of over penetration if you live in an appartment. Remember to shoot until the "threat is over" which means you may only have to shoot one round or you may have to shoot 10 rounds, until the threat is over and stop shooting. The courts will honor that term.-as far as the laser, I don't have much use for them, you'll probably be to scared/adrenaline flowing you may not remember to see the laser. Learn to use your sights. What if your laser's battery is dead or it is off target from being bumped etc?

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it wouldnt be the greatest but it would work. if it is all you have then it has to work

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plinking with a .22 if fun and cheap.

for self-defense, HORRIBLE!

if a guy has a knife or crow-bar and is about to attack you, you pull out your .22 and start shooting... you're more than likely to be stabbed or have your head smashed in before he bleed to death... or before he walks to the hospital for treatment.

a .22 will not stop someone from attacking you. you want stopping power to keep them away and stop the attack.

probably 9mm or 38 special are minimum with 45 being one of the best man stoppers.

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