Has anyone ever been to the New River Gorge Bridge..?

in Fayetteville, WV, US? Did you bungee or off of or take a rafting trip down the river?


The 9mm high-point pistil, can adiffrent firing pin be bought , to replace the cheaper ones?

West Virginia is called "Wild and Wonderful" for good reason. It is one of the best secrets in the United States for fun, and outdoor activities. It is also known as "Almost Heaven."

Do the New River trip. It is one fantastic journey for a day that you won't forget. I've done that more than once. The New River is one of the 2 oldest rivers in the world (the Nile is the other). When you come to the bridge, you'll see how far up it really is. Then you can drive later across the bridge. Lots of people park and walk across and look down. That is something to remember too. By the way, the river trip is completely safe, and there are lots of stops for fun and swimming and snacks and lunch too.

Will someone tell me were i can get a good priced mike valelly helium deck for a good price?

Yes and I have made 5 base jumps from it 876ft not much freefall 2-4 seconds if your luck awesome view!

Long long can I go in the wilderness with these supplies?

Great trip,although the raft trip is more fun because it lasts a helluva lot longer. We rode our m/c down from Pittsburgh & did the whole nine yards. Beautiful! You've got to try one or both>

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