Advice needed on washing a Peter Storm waterproof breathable 'stormtech' jacket to reproof it.?

My 2nd hand 'waterproof' jacket seems to have been washed carelessly! I have Grangers extreme cleaner and wash-in re-proofer to treat it with (that you use in a washing machine) but the label on the jacket says to hand wash at 30 degrees- is this just to cover their backs? Has anyone put a 'stormtech' item through a 40 degree machine wash without damaging it?


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'Peter Storm' clothes are products sold my Millets stores in the UK (it is their 'own brand' label). They have a range of reproofing sprays that you can use on their jackets. It normally involves washing your jacket using one of their cleaning products, then spraying the waterproofing on afterwards.
Alternatively, you could go to Blacks or Nevis-Sport and buy decent gortex waterproof jackets - I started mountain climbing in Peter-Storm products and they didn't last long at all!

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look at the care label on the collar

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look at the label/tag

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