Airsoft AEG Batteries??

I am thinking of buying the UTG AK-47 Commando AEG Airsoft Rifle but have seen reviews saying that the battery only lasts through one clip. Can anyone who owns this gun verify this? Once the battery runs out can you still operate the gun like any springer. Thanks.


Where can I find a website to buy old shotgun stocks?

With the money you are putting into the UTG, it is better to just go buy a used real AEG or save up just a tiny little more to get a stock new AEG. The UTG are known to have a lot of problems that no store will want to fix. The quality on this piece is sub-par and will be sore to the eye if you would compare it to a real steel or TM AK-47. There are other alternatives if you don't want the gun to hurt as much, such as the new TM MP-7 and some other gassers from Western Arms, KSC/KWA, TM, and various others that go around 250 fps depending on the type of gas. But if you really insist on buying the UTG, there are battery packs that could be bought for 30-50 dollars that run for days if you are good enough. Some cheap ones that go for 10 dollars can last you half a day as well.

Looking for online help to find the value of used shotguns...can anyone help...thanks..?

no sorry so bring a extra gun or battery with

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