Airsoft AEG Battery Help?

I just bought a UTG AK-47 Partrooper and it occured to me that it uses a small battery so how long does a 8.4v 1100 battery last keep in mind my gun is full auto so i would do some rapid fire shots plz help also i heard discharging is a good idea but wut is that?


I recently got a savage stevens model 87C does anyone know what the value is or anything about the history ?

you're battery will last a good few hours, my friend has the exact gun and i recomend it all over the place. just try to remember not to spray with your gun, use short bursts it'll make your battery last longer and if you spray in long bursts you'll burn up your gearbox and motor and ur gun will be useless. aslong as you conserve your fire you'll last probably 3-4 hours (that's about how long it lasts when we play) but if you constantly full auto in long streams it'll only last 2-3.

30-30 lever action?

An 1100 mAh battery usually lasts a full day in my stock TM AUG, usually a good 5-6 hours of play. How long it'll last in your gun is rather dependent on how much use it sees, and how heavy you are on the full auto.

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