9mm Revolver?

Does anybody make a revolver chambered in 9mm Luger? I've already got a Hi-Point Carbine, Ruger P89, and a Cobra Derringer all in 9mm. I was just wondering if there were ever any revolvers made in that calibur, you know kinda complete the collection.


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Smith & Wesson makes, or made one at one time that chambered 9mm using moon clips. I think taurus still makes one in the Tracker series, I wouldnt swear to it tho.

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Sure. Ruger does. They make a snubbie that shoots .9mms loaded in moon clips and they make a Blackhawk cylinder chambered for .9mm which you can change out with the .357 cylinder. Of course, they are going to want you to send the revolver in to be fitted if you didn't buy it with the two cylinders to begin with.


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smith and Wesson mod 547 your best bet is www.gunbroker.com also you mite want to check Taurus cause there more likely to make a 9 mm revolver \\ ps it,s your call but i know i was not to happy with that high point i like my calico 9 mm way too much

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Taurus, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger have all made 9mm revolvers. They all to my knowledge have discontinued them though.

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I don't believe any major manufacture makes a 9mm revolver any longer.

Smith & Wesson made the 940, a five shot, J-frame, snubby.

Ruger made a 9mm in the Security Six series, also a snubby.

Taurus made one years ago, but no longer offer it.

Ruger also made a Blackhawk single action revolver with a 9mm cylinder. They don't anymore.

You will have to find the gun on the used gun market. The S&W is pricey, the last one I saw on auction arms went for aboiut $900. I haven't seen the Ruger version in years, a rare gun.

Good luck.

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There might be a few, mostly older models chambered in 9mm, certainly not very many.

9mm is an autoloader rimless cartridge. It can't be fired in a revolver without moon clips. Same goes for .45ACP though it is a popular chambering for a revolver.

Why not try something different, I'd get bored just owning tons of guns all chambered for the same round.

Just get a .357 magnum or .38 from Taurus, cheap and a very underrated company.

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Bound's hubby here:

As mentioned, Ruger has made at least two 9mm revolvers and Smith & Wesson has made at least the Model 940 (a 9mm Centennial). However, it appears as though many people have forgotten that the original Colt Manufacturing Company (before it went belly-up) designed and marketed a 9mm revolver based off the Commando. This particular revolver was more a WTSHTF revolver that chambered for about 20 different versions of the 9mm cartridge. Conceptually, this would be an ideal revolver to own. [If anybody remembers the actual name of this particular Colt revolver, I hope they would share it!]

Have a great day!

I found the clio to a glock 9mm (police gun). will i get a reward if i turn it in?

s&w, ruger, taurus, and if you really want to go high dollar, korth makes or used to make one.

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Who cares? Why don't you get a real gun like a Sprinfeid XD 45, or a Kimber 1911!

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Know what? I like all those guns, and I want a 9mm revolver too! What R the odds of that?

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I'm looking for one too.

They pop up every now and again at guns shops and shows.

Smith and Wesson made the 547 and 940

Ruger had the Sp-101 in 9mm, the security six, and blackhawk conversion cylinders as mentioned before.

Taurus made the model 905

All are now discontinued but can be found sometimes.

I think the S&W 940 and Ruger Sp-101 are both great and will pick up the next one I find for a fair price.

BOUND: The multicaliber revolver your talking about was called the Medusa

Pretty neat gun; also discontinued I believe

Check out he below link to an article Popular Mechanics did on it:


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That multi-caliber pistol you were thinking about was called the Medusa.

After Colt went under, another company (I can't remember the name, but they made bored through cylinders to fit to cap-and-ball revolvers.) licensed the rights and they to promptly went belly up. Seems like it might be a snake-bit project.

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