Why is israel taking part in the european athletics champion ships?


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The first answerer is a jacka$$. 49 countries participate in the European Championship, more than there are countries in Europe.

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Not just athletics. They are in the European Football qualifiers too.

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Coz they were invited

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What an ignorant twit, thefirst poster..hilarious joke bout the camps *sighs*..moron.

Israel has always had a special relationship with the EU, as does several other middle-eastern states..hell, even Russia isnt in the EU, so technically they shouldn't be taking part

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Cause they want to.

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The Israeli athletes like all other groups need to compete to improve skills, etc. How would you see them doing this in there own part of the world with the tensions there. Athletics also need to be done in a safe place. No doubt they have been invited to participate in Europe and have been allowed to do so. There is nothing wrong with this.

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They are also included in the Euro vision Song Contest. I finally found this info.

(Israel plays in the European group because they have been blocked from the Asia group by Muslim nations.)

This is probably why they play or can take part in competitions in Europe as Europe recognises Israel as a Country.

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Another good question would be why do they play in the World Cup European Qualifying zone when their neighbours play in the Asian matches?

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