12 guage question?

I really would like a over under 12 gauge. Any good suggestions with payin outragious prices.


Northern pike/best creeks/rivers in northeast ohio?

For under $500?

Charles Daly over/under
Mossberg Silver Reserve over/under - beautiful gun!


Can anyone recommend a good pair of hiking boots?

A Ruger Red Label or Look at Benneli.

What gauge wire should be used to make a squirrel snair?

i dont know if they have this store where you live, but go to a Big 5 or sportsmans warehouse. they have some decent guns for pretty cheap. Big 5 has one for about 450 bucks.


you're going to pay an outregous price for an over and under anywhere you go... thats why evrybody doesn't have them. but... they are a far more accuate gun.

Where can i get my glock fixed?

Go here for cheaper priced but good quality over/unders.
Most of these are under $500

If I buy a new skateboard will it make me a lot better?

stoeger condor supreme. i paid just under $500 with tax for mine. 3", ejectors, selective trigger.

What are some fun winter camping activities?

Baikal makes one of the finest AFFORDABLE O/U I have ever shot. My .410 has over 30,000 rounds out of it, and it is still like new.

My next choice would be Charles Daly

Did you hear of the girl that went fishing w/3 guys & came back w/a red snapper?

If you want to find a gun at a great price in your area try here.


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