***Skateboarders only***?

if you are going down a slope on a skateboard and you are going 10 MPH how do you stop while on the skateboard?


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you carve, or you could dragg your tail on the ground, but the most common way to completely stop after carving down a hill is to drag your foot on the ground or jump off

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here are some things you can do:
1.jump off (make sure you have running space because ten mph is fast)
2.keep your tail town sliding against the floor(keep in mind you will totally kill the bottom of your board doing this)
3.keep dipping your foot down untill you come to a complete stop(your foot that you kick/pedal with)
4.turn really sharply to the side of the slope.
5.wait till slope ends and ride out your speed

Good Luck. Hope i helped ; - )

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jump, tuck yourself into a fetal position. avoid hitting your knees.

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you tip back to your back leg and let the tail drag across the ground.

This causes resistance and therefore slows you down

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I like to watch skateboarders fall. Especially when they hurt something, and blood is a plus. Stupid skateboarders.

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