1911 pistol: springfield 6 inch longslide or s&w doug koenig edition?

Question:which one should i get? i shot the springfield longslide at the range, its very accurate but its a bit heavy. i think it looks nice but theres a waiting list. i never shot the s&w dk but i have shot a regular s&w 1911 and its ok. whats your opinion? http://www.springfield-armory.com/prod-p... or http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/s...
anyways, the gun will be used at the range and for home defense. thanks.


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I work at an indoor pistol range and we rent both brands in the 1911 design. Both are holding up well and are very accurate.
The standard SW1911's with adjustable sights would be the way to go if you buy S&W.

Have you ever shot a 1911 with the flat trigger? Not many people like the feel of the flat trigger. The Koenig hammer does not make much difference overall.

The long slide has never been very popular. Look at the full size models PI9132L or PX9152L. I think either one would be a good choice over the long slide.

I think either brand would be good but go with the standard styles.

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It is too bad Colt doesn't make the 1911 Government series like they use to. I still have two of the '70 Series models with the collet bushing. Springfields are good guns. Unless you plan on shooting competition, I would just get a basic model. I don't have any experience with the S&W autos.

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I like the Colt 1911 myself. Great weapon and very reliable. You could also check out the Para Ordnance P-14. It is based on the 1911 frame and features a double width magazine. Holds upto 15 rounds of .45ACP.

Capacity and stopping power all-in one. It is heavy and you will need large hands to handle it.

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Bound's hubby here:

M1911 type pistols are all very good (my personal preference!).

I have a Springfield "Trophy Match", and would take it any day over a Gold Cup. I have a number of Smith's (mostly revolvers). Quality of both manufacturers is excellent, and the customer service and product support is"Outstanding!". You will not go wrong with either.

However, I do question your selection of a "long slide" M1911. It would not be "competition legal" in Service Pistol Matches, and holsters would not be all that readily available. The extra inch of sight plane, with a pistol, is not going to amount to much.

My recommendation, get a 5" target model, shoot semi-wadcutters from it, and it will serve you in any situation you find yourself in. Plus, for serious needs, you can always switch to 230 grain hard-ball.

Good luck!

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If you will be using it for competitive shooting, the long slide will be a great gun to buy. It is a bit too much to pay for a gun that will be stored in a drawer most of the time and shot occasionally for fun. Unless it is for competitive shooting, I'd consider something else like a Glock. The Glock is a great gun and has proved itself with many police departments around the country. It has a lower incidence of jams than most any other gun on the market. If you are not a highly experienced shooter and have kept in practice at recovering from a jam, then I would suggest a revolver instead of a semi-auto. Your choice of the .45 ACP chambering is a great one. The .45 ACP caliber is one of the best man stoppers that you can get. It is also one of the best rounds for such fun things as shooting bowling pins. That's my sport.

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I'd recommend the Springfield over the Smith, but that's just my personal preference. Mainly because I've seen too many problems with Smith semi-autos. The only Smith semi-auto I've thought functioned perfectly was the one designed by Walther, the P99 series. I know they make a 1911 now, but I haven't tested one personally to be able to say one way or the other how it performs. Besides, buying a Smith 1911 is like buying a Ford Camaro. They might one day make it, but it doesn't mean it'd be good to drive.

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I work in a sporting goods store so i hear lots of stories about guns. EVERYONE praises the Springfield and Kimber 1911's. The S&W ones arent that great, and the SIG is horrible. I would recommend a Kimber. The one i have is a little more expensive than its Springfield counterpart, but it is definately worth it. So Springfield or Kimber they are both great guns.
The two guns i would recommend:
Kimber: http://www.kimberamerica.com/pistols/tac...

Springfield: http://www.springfield-armory.com/prod-p...

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