Airsoft Gun Players?

Question:hello i want to buy a airsoft sniper rifle just to begin with i dont want anything expensive
i was looking at a site and the price seemed too good to be true since i dont know about these things is this a good deal heres the link

that gun for 17.99 is that worth it??


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Um, I'm an airsofter, and I know that any sniper role is going to cost $500 at least. I wouldn't recommend any marksman rifle below $250, and the upgrades afterwards will come to be around another $250, if not $500. I know people who've sunk upwards of $3000 in airsoft rifles alone. At a real event, an $18 sniper rifle will kind of be destroyed. If you don't break it by dropping it, it will get a hole in it from a real airsoft sniper's shot.

If you plan on using this for backyard games, it will last a day or two, but those guns break too easily.

Also, hobbytron is terrible, as is airsplat, as is shortyUSA, try something like AirsoftExtreme, RedwolfAirsoft, or PrecisionAirsoft.

Also, to the man who said spring rifles are bad: No, they are not. Cheap spring rifles are bad. Once you get a $400 spring rifle, then it is good. As long as you pay more than $200 for anything in airsoft, it should be relatively okay.

What is a really good quality,bb gun,with a scope and website.?

no 200 fps is terrible

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No, thats not very good. If I were you, I would look into saving a little and investing in a tokyo mauri or a classic army, they are more expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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200 bad,spring opereated guns are horrible they break down very easily. You should get a co2 operated airgun

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Spend the money to get a sniper that does over 300 fps.

For airsoft- which BB would hit a target the hardest; a Plastic KSC .2g BB or a Match Grade Aluminum .20g BB?

uhhhhhh dude i have 2 air soft guns after a month you are not going to want it just get a paintball gun i play with my friends all the time and it has paint when they shot you paint it on you a air soft just hit you air soft after you see it you will just shot like about 2000

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any ak-47 w/ a scope to me is just plain stupid. And a sniper rifle for $18 is crap. If you want a good one your going to have to spend around $50 maybe.

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that gun cant hit the broad side of china... you need to save up and get a UHC Super 9 or better a UTG sniper...

sorry but sniping and cheap dont go together.. good luck and be safe..

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