Ah..the ever relentless hunt for that winter bull red..any tips or tricks?


Where would you purchase the inflatable chairs I saw people using while watching outdoor sports on tv?

Persistence!! Don`t forget , the "trip", you will always have. The fish is just the icing on the cake. Deeper water around rocks and oysters. Jetties?

Best scope power??

Yes. Be nerdier.

Salmon river fishery, where our fish are going"?

Fish the ship channels near the open water of the ocean (not the bays), In most cases a few bull reds will stay in the channel throughout the year these are known as resident bull reds.
Good Luck and Tight Lines

What is the best way of catching king fish?

dont know of any tips.but i do have a suggestion.2 minds are better than one......hence take me with you..please.i am still in search of that big bull red myself.

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