A boy in my neighbourhood kicked my big new bicycle onto the ground. iam worried it's going to break.?

the bicycle fell with a thud. will it be ok or have chances of breaking sooner? iam greatly woried whenever i look at it.


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Hahahaha... Dont worry boy. It wont break.Oh my god i cant stop laughing. :))


well look at it, you can tell better than us if it is broken or not. If it was just kicked over i'm sure it is fine possibly just a few scratches here and there.

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If It landed hard then, it may have damaged parts, if you can still ride it and nothing happened then dont worry, just take a look at it once in a while ;)

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Next time dont get your stuff getting pushed around . As long as your bike didnt fall on its chained part it will be just fine . if it breaks tell your parents to buy a new one and get back at that kid . :))

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Your bike will be fine. God knows my bikes took a complete battering when I was a kid and the only reason I ever got a new one was because I outgrew them.

They never fell apart on me, not even when I dropped one out of a tree!! (Don't ask!)

And yeah, go and kick that other kid right in the nuts!

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No dude. Bicycles can withstand a simple thud. So your bike is going to be okay

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Yo your bike will be fine man, dont worry about it. Almost every bike can withstand a good beating. I'll tell you what though it sounds like you either got a bully or you live in a ruff neighborhood. Depending how old you are I think you should either tell your parents about this bully or go outside with protection from now on. Maybe pack a knife, led pipe, hell a gun if you got one, but that's if you live in the projects. Your better off telling your parents but dont be afraid to fight for protection.

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