A goood deck for skateboarding?

hey people i have recently been thinking of buying a new skateboard and i got all of my set up ready. i have chosen everything for my skateboard which are bone bearings,spitfire wheels, grind king trucks but i dont know which deck i want. Im wondering if u can think of a good deck for me which has good pop and flip and is light weight. any decks you people can think of? i really want a deck which can ollie high and is good for rodney mullen tricks and one that is good for grinding. Please help me people its my birthday soon.


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Basically this is up to you to decide which is best for you but since you can't buy them all to try out obviously here's some I like to use. In the past i've used almost and blind, both great boards almost was better of the two now I use a zero and a blank deck. All these boards are light for good ollies but the ollie isn't just based on the lightness of the board you need to practice it better to get it higher. I can ollie 3 feet without trying but been skateboarding for 15 years, good luck on the board picking, be picky and get something you'd really like.

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k theres a bunch of them people will say element and birdhouse but choose the design u like and then ask the person at the skate shop if they have good pop. i personaly choose almost skateboards cus they have 8 layers and this new technology called resin. its pop last longer than all of them and it cant snap that fast.

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there was one like mini or minideck or something like that that has all that.

really cheap too.

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hoestly, birdhouse or elements are good, but the best is zero or blind

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well just get whatever you like and decks with resin are good and element fiberlite boards are good too.

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first of all

i would advise you to get krux trucks

These are much stronger and much lighter than grind kings

and for the board

I would definitely get a Plan B

Because ive had plan b's on more than one occasion and they are by far my favorite board

they have beautiful pop

and are extremely light

and amzing flip

So go for it

and whatever you do choose,

Good luck, and happy skateboarding!

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