" Heavy marine life" warnings at the beaches today..should I go out or not?

They never tell you if its sharks, jellyfish, manowars or what...but I did have a big day planned with a new toy. Would you go surfing if the flags were flying warning you of " heavy marine life" today? BTW for you landlocked people.This is rare, usually they dont tell us whats swimming around us.


Any good idea where can i go hunting in New York : deer , turky ? did you know any good place ?

Get your board.and get out there. Sharks aren't attracted to skunks!

What are pros/cons of Schmitt-Ruben?

Yes, by all means. Dive in.

Can any one tell me some good website on couple fishing in india?

Or, it could be high levels of fecal bacteria than can cause gastrointestinal problems.

James River Fishing Pier?

they might mean grosssly overweight members of the human population.

Where do I find information on shark fishing charters in california?

Unless you can find out what marine life it is I'd stay clear. (Big difference between swimming with dolphins and swimming with sharks)

Has anyone used the barnes 85 grain triple shock in a 243 winchester for deer, if not what bullets do you?

wht r u waiting for...just zipout

Campsites In Eastern WA?

If they are putting a warning up, wouldn't you think there is a good reason for it? Or do you think they are doing it just for the fun of it? It could be great whites visiting your area. But, by all means, if you think people who put these warnings up are doing it just to ruin your plans, disregard them and, hopefully, nothing will happen to you.

Fishing for red fish in Louisiana?

the people that hate you want you to dive right in. they notice you hate kerry so they want you to get eaten alive by a shark. so my advice is don't go swimming, it could be sharks.

What do you think is the bset stoper against a home intruder?

The only thing I would be concerned with are Man-o-wars, nasty. Compromise, go diving instead.

Does anyone know where I can get a schematic for a Benjamin 397 pellet rifle?

just dive in if u see a shark or something hit it in the nose and swim slowly away

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