A good stream fishing reel?

I just got my Dad a new fishing reel (Bass Pro Shops® Extreme™ Baitcast Reel) and rod (Bass Pro Shops® Extreme™ XPS™ Woo Daves Signature Trigger Rod) for Christmas, as he's retiring this summer. He hasn't fished in a long time and I know that technology has changed considerably. He lives very close to Lake Erie, but said he remembers really enjoying stream fishing. Is the reel listed above a good multi-purpose reel, or would he be better suited with something else?


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Go with a good Medium power fast action 6 foot rod with a Shimano TX2000 3000 or 4000 reel.

Fox Hunting Anyone?

depending on how open the terrain is. personally i'd use an ultra lite spinning outfit. with a 5ft rod. 8lb test. makes things easier if there are trees over hanging.

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get dad out in the yard and have him practice with it and see if he likes it and if he doesn't buy him a different reel

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That is excellent for lake erie or where you have lots of room I've used my baitcaster's fishing streams but it's alot easier with a spinner reel. I'm sure dad will still like it though. Can I be your dad,lol I'd like a pflueger reel and a Gloomis rod, just a little hummor

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