2006 deer season?

who is so excited and can't wait for this buck season? i can't wait!


Model 1892 or 1894 Marlin lever action rifle...?

I've got vacation from Oct 14-22. That's primitive weapon season. Then, I have vacation from Dec 17-25. That's modern firearm season.

How do i fix a powerline .856 jam?

I agree

A Thompson M1A1 is classified as a submachine gun even though it is the size of an M4 assault rifle. Why?

well i cant waite till deer season so till then im shooting groundhogs and coyotes im using bow blackpowder and rifle and crossbow

Wilderness survival school?

Cant wait either. Went spotting last night in Washington County, PA and saw a nice 8 point. Saw 8 coyotes while spotting as well. About 4 of them were attacking a deer. Im going hunting for them this evening. Cant have them killing my trophy buck this year.

Would you be happy spending the night in the wilderness in a tent on your own, or would you freak?

Definetly excited, I can't stop watching the feilds and wood lines on my way to and from work.

Good rifle scopes in general from 100 - $250 ?

heck ya, I'll be bow hunting in Ontario, West Virginia, and maybe Ohio this year. Moose season is first though 1st week of October.

Whats wrong.9mm semiautomatic looks like uzi does not work.?

Opening day starts tomarrow for our bowseason. I have 4 treestands out I'll hopefully be in soon. Rifle season starts in early November.

Hunting buddy needed.I'm in the SW Iowa-NW MO area and in need of a hunting buddy?

shoot screw deer season when you live in the country its deer season all around if you know what i mean haha

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