"Best" bait to use for crabbing?

What bait is best to use for crabbing in New Jersey?


Red line Blue line Green line Grey, does it really make a difference?

Chicken Necks is real inexpensive and very effective and can endure many nippings from the crab(s).

If you can't get a hold of chicken necks, try fish-heads secured firmly to the net, cage, or rope.

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Chicken necks...

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Fish heads. Those not-so-fresh type.Crabs love them.

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My kids love crabbing and they have found that the best and cheapest bait for them is raw bacon rind!

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Anything smelly, such as Mussels, squid, bits of dead fish, etc.. though I've found it's just as important to put that bait in the right place (e.g. against a structure where the tide washes food towards for them to scavenge on).

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+1 on the chicken necks or legs,
I've used them in FL. on a string, they tend to hang on the skin better when you drag em up and somebody can net them. should work good in traps too.

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Yeah I'm with the chicken necks. They are tuff enuff to last and cheap. when I blue crab I just tie one to a string and wait for the pull.

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They luv chicken legs.

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