Paintballing? I want to get into paintballing but I don't know what I need to start up. Can somebody help me.

I live in ontario canada. Where abouts could I get the gear?


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Your most important piece of equiptment is your goggle system, hands down, this is what's going to keep you from serious injury. Personally, the V-force brand goggles(Grills, Shield, Armor, Profiler) are the best I've used in my many years of playing.
Next, you need a marker(the P.C. term for a paintball gun) that will fit the job for what style playing you want to get into. The price range you want to keep in will determine what you want to look at. Low cost woodsball marker I recomend the Tippman 98, they are built like a Sherman tank, and can take abuse. If you are looking for something a little faster and moe expencive, maybe the Tippman A-5.
Speedball, a good entry level speedball marker would be something like a Spyder Imagine, of the VS series. If you want t spend a little more, the Smart Parts Ion or the WGP Trilogy/Autococker line are good.
After that, depending on the marker, you need an air system. For most non entry level markers, you will want an HPA(high pressure air) tank. These are a little more expencive initially, but HPA is better for your marker anyhow. Otherwise, if you have an "el cheapo" marker, a Co2 tank will be ok to start out with.
After that, it's up to you, pads, pods and packs, what ever else you think you'll need out there. But the basics you will NEED are goggles, an air system, and a marker.
Getting gear in Canada, I don't know any stores up in the Great White North, but I'm sure most places online will ship there.

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Get into airsoft instead, that I can tell you about.

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The first and most obvious is a gun and since you are a beginner the exact brand doesn't really matter. Then you would need some paint-balls. Then you'll need an air/co2 tank it doesn't matter which one they both are basically the same. Then you'll need some protective gear like a full face mask clothing and other stuff like that. You could get the gear online i would really know anywhere else because I've never been to Canada.

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you need a gun, a mask, a co2 or compressed air tank, and you need paintballs

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Tippmann makes a player pack with EVERYTHING you need to get started. All you'll need to buy is the paint.

You can get them at Wal-Mart.

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