After i leard the kickflip on the skateboard what trick should i learn next?



Anything your little heart desires, I've been teaching skateboarding for 5 years now and most of my students want to learn the heelflip or a 180 after they learn the kickflip, some of them their first flip trick is the heelflip. If you don't know how to manual maybe do that or a pop shuvit also. Sometimes after they're really good at a kickflip i'll teach them advanced ollies, which is olling off plateforms or stairs and have them kickflip a set of stairs. I like to teach the basic street tricks frist, you can use them in so many more combos once you get them down. 360 or 180 flips are cool to know, flatland tricks can be fun when you havn't got much room to skateboard or it's raining out and you have a garage to practice in. Have fun

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heelflip or if you know a 180 combine that and your newly aquired kickflip into a frontside flip

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learn to pop shuv and then practice three flip or 360 flip.

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