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Question:My friend and I were fishing on a lake about 20 miles from the first location, in the middle of the national forest. We were fishing for catfish beside a lake when we heard strange sawing sound, or sound like something was sawing on wood, we also heard movement in the leaves, we ignored it and went fishing instead of going back to camp. we were fishing with no luck at about 10:00 P.M., 30 min after the first sawing sound we heard and I go cast my line back out and when it hit the water we heard the first splash and about 2 seconds later we heard something that sounded like it jumped in the water about 50 ft in front of us. We didn't even say anything we just ran as fast as we could back to camp.
When we got back to camp we told every body about it and being the idiots we are we got together a posse of about 5 people and every body had a bunch of long knifes and weapons and we went to go back there to chase after it...ha ha how smart. Look down for more info (not enough room


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that's no joke it was a beaver the sawing noise was when it was gnawing on the tree. later and it jumped in the water about 50 ft in front of you was actually the tail slapping the water to try and scare off predators it is a defensive act and also alerts other beavers. 14 i was fishing in a small boat at a lake and saw a beaver on the bank just before it saw me and it dove into the water to come up 20 feet father away and do forward spin keeping most of its body in the water and letting the tail raise up in the air and smack down on the water pow another thing is that beavers have flaps on there nose to keep th water out so they are hard breathers on land that could have ben the sawing noise you herd

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Not sure what the sound of sawing was.. However your encounter around the tree sounds like a Beaver. They will slap the water at the appearance of danger (Humans) and they cut trees and saplings to make nests around lakes.
A mountain lion will make a sound similar to a power saw but it is short no more than 10 to 20 seconds normally.

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hahahah... pusssies

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it was a beaver the splash you herd was also a beaver.

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big foot

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a beaver, just dont try to pick one up!

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