A question about shooting clays?

Question:I want to get in to this sport as there is a shooting club nearby, and they are willing to let me try out a few guns to 'get a feel' for the right model that suits me best.

A friend, who is a gamekeeper, has offered me one of his guns for £250 should I like the feel of it- it is brand new and he got it as a gift, but really doesn't have space for it so is willing to pass it on to me for a good price; it has only ever fired one box of shells and comes with a lifetime guarentee.

As I am in the UK will this gun be a good for clay shooting- £250 seems good for a brand new gun whereas I could easily spend just as much on a second-hand model!

I have included a link to the gun below as they are still in production.



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If the gun its self is in as good a condition as you say its in then yes, Its an offer not to be missed.
As for shooting clays its fine, mainley for the discaplin of sporting clays hence the interchangable chokes (multi choke)
The gun is also great for shooting pigeons or when your walking around on what ever land you have shooting rights on.
Should you ever be invited to shoot game then that is not the gun to use.
Alot of people dont like autos because you can not tell when they are not loaded,, its good common practice to jam a rag into the spout which hangs out the gun showing its not loaded.
For what you wish to use it for its a great place to start.

good luck in your persuit

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If you look at the bottom of that link that you posted it says "£549". If you're getting a recent model a gun like that is great! It might be a little more advanced for you but still, it's a nice gun either way. Also for a starter the 20 gauge would be better for you instead of the 12, the 12 can be really rough from the kickback and the 28 doesn't have the same feel to it.

But yeah it looks like a nice gun from the pictures and description. The indents for your thumb look good and the action looks simple, both good things to look for when buying a gun for a beginner. Just make sure you clean it regularly and you'll have that gun for a long time!

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My brother-in-law has 3 shotguns.

The cheapest is a Browning, value £2,500.

So £250 is a bargain, is it nicked? Registered?

If you need more help let me know, I'll ask him to get in touch if you prefer.

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I would have thought so. I don't know much about it, although my Brother-in-law runs a shooting ground. Don't forget to get a licence and you'll need secure storage for it.

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I would take advantage of the savings provided I liked the gun , and would purchase it.I like it .

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  • A question about shooting clays?

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