A cheap airsoft gun and is good?

under 20$ any one know ay least 180 fps


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Theyll have either a spring rifle for around that much, or a electric one for a little over.

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I would give ebay a shot. I got lucky, and just for the heck of it bought one at the flea market near my house. I didn't Plan on using it just wanted one for the squirrels gettin in my feeder. It cost 12 bucks and shot 160 FPS. I think your best bet would be ebay or a flea market.

Catching Red Fish?

try walmart.dude up there might have gotten riped off...walmart has a 250 fps pistol and it comes with a target...if u really want something good...you can get one at walmart thats a single stroke spring air gun that shoots UP TO (what it says on box) 350 fps...and it'll kill a bird..up close...really close...and in the head...good luck!

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get a spring pistol on ebay or walmart they are a good start and reliable, yet they are pesky...

if you want automatic, get a mini electric

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