Air soft guns.?

ok, my b/f wants an air soft gun (he and the guys want to shoot at eachother). I'd rather him not get one, I don't want him getting hurt. But thats just it, he says it's this just him trying to get me not to worry, or is it truly safe?


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Okay, airsoft is not safe, that's why it is left up to the people who play it to be safe. The man who said airsoft rifles shooting 1000 FPS is correct, however, most fields do not allow anything above 600 FPS, and even that is a rare gun. I know a guy who sunk $3000 into one gun and managed to get it up to 720 FPS, but you'd probably have to pay $3000 more to get it up to 1000 FPS. Yes, BBs can pierce skin. I've heard of some people who've been shot and the BB went straight past the skin and only stopped when it hit the bone (this was his cheek, so there was no muscle in the way.) If he insists to play in an unofficial place (woods) insist that he play only with his friends that he trusts to not be idiots. Force him to wear eye protcection. NOT SUNGLASSES, NOT SHOOTING GLASSES, AND NOT PERSCRIPTION GLASSES. They will break easily. Overall, this is a very dangerous sport when you don't take precaution, but you shouldn't be overly worried, because the worst that could happen is the risk of being blind in one eye of both and possibly having to go to the emergency room to remove a BB from inside his arm or wherever else vulnerable.

Maybe all of that is over the top of dramatic, but it's a safety precaution. By the way, I'm an airsofter, so just in case you think I'm trying to get you to discourage him from playing, you're wrong, I'm trying to get you to encourage him to be safe.

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Most air soft guns aren't able to pierce skin, so likely he's safe.

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all are not safe, but they come with different power. A gun that could shoot a bb around 300 feet per second is fast, and could take out an eye. I ve seen rifles that shoot bb at 1000 fps. Overall its dangerous if not used properly, but fun it is.

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oh don't wrry. air soft guns will only leave a bruise at worst. if you get shot in the head you'll have a headache for a little while...but thats it.

air soft guns are the saftest type of gun next to a water gun. so there isn't anything to wrry about.

i have shot an air soft gun once or twice and there isn't ant punch when you fire it...which makes the impact less its safe...don't wrry.

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