12 gauge slug ammo (Help please)?

Question:Hi. I have a Remington 870 Express 12 gauge 28 inches barrel, today I received Winchester ranger rifled slug ammo.
can I use this ammo with express? the barrel is not rifled.
thanks for your help.


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Slugs are not generally fired through 28 inch barrels. I assume the barrel is choked? Or has screw in chokes. The slug is too large to go through the chokes without the possibility of damage.

I would recommend a slug barrel. Shorter, usually rifle sighted, open choked. Do not shoot rifled slugs in a rifled barrel. Get a smooth bore slug barrel. The rifled ridges on the slug will not match up with the rifling in the barrel. The barrel becomes excessively leaded and the slug gets stripped of his ridges, both mean your accuracy goes to pot.

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No way.. Don't use them..

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I have that same gun. If you want to use slugs a lot, go ahead and purchase the Remington fully rifled barrel.

Some slugs can be used if you have a fully rifled choke or fully rifled barrel, and some can be used with improved cylinder chokes. The package should specify. Just don't ever fire anything if you don't have a choke in the barrel. You may damage the threads inside the barrel.

But like others have said, get a slug barrel if you're serious about using slugs.

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the best posible outcome is you picking yorself up of the ground . worst outcome , let me put it this way .do you have life insurance?
the 870 is a popular turkey gun and comes with mod. choke . if a dime wont go in a slug wont come out

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Well I had a remington 870 wingmaster with a Modified smooth bore barrel , I beleive it was 28 inches. I used 2 and 3/4 brenneke magnum rifled slugs and it shot just fine .

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make sure its a MOD barrel from factory mine didnt have threads for a screw in choke

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do not use those rounds in that weapon.

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You can shoot slugs just fine out of a 28 inch barrel. IF the choke is not too tight. You want a cylinder or improved cylinder bore. The old foster type slugs will shoot safely through any barrel length in production today.

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if it's a removable choke gun, use your most open choke. If it's fixed choke, you're probably fine unless it's a full, which seems unlikely.
If you are shooting rifled slugs, don't use a rifled barrel or choke...since the slug has it's own grooves you get excess leading in the barrel and freaky (and random) effects on accuracy since the barrel is trying to impart one rate of spin and the slug another.
I haven't seen anyone use a 28" barrel with slugs, but I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work.just be sure to sight it in before you get out into the field, and you still won't get much over 100 yards effective range.

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I dont think it will hurt it any. I shoot winchester Super X slugs out of my Remington 870. Im not too sure if they are rifled or not, but they shoot so i dont really care.

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rifled slugs are for smooth bore barrels. sabot slugs are for rifled barrels. if you use sabot slugs in a smooth bore barrel your accuracy will be way off. if you use rifled slugs in a rifled barrel the lead from the slug will plug up the rifling in the barrel and would need to be cleaned before shooting a sabot slug through it, or the accuracy will be off also.

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