.45 acp +p question?

Is it safe to use +P ammunition in a Smith & Wesson 625 .45 acp revolver?


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The .45 acp isn't an excessively high pressure round even in +P for a revolver built on the Smith & Wesson N frame. The S & W 625 is based on the N frame, the same frame the behemoth .44 Magnum is built on. If it'll take the pounding of the .44 Mag, it'll handle the .45 acp +P just fine.


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Yes, It's safe. Smith & Wesson handguns are manufactured to handle excessive chamber pressures. As long as the ammo you are shooting is .45 caliber ACP factory loaded ammo you will be fine! You have to be concerned only if the cartridges are reloaded (once fired and reloaded)Happy shooting! JD

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If the pistol is in good condition without any corrosion there should no problem S&W make good strong weapons. If you notice any barrel swelling or bulging or really excessive lead build up STOP immediately. They actually have a website so you could ask them directly if you would be more comfortable - www.smith-wesson.com

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you will get people to agree and disagree.a +p is just not necessary. there are just too many good ammos out there. in a police situation you get issued the winchester ranger sxt ammo.it is the same bullet as a black talon without the black coating

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Don't sweat it. The S&W is an N frame which is what the 44 mag is chambered in also. You could not overload any 45 ACP case with anything that would even cause a ripple in that baby.

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