How can i purchase a AK 47 full auto and what kind of permit do i need for it. i live in CA?


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First you will have to find an old full auto AK. The newer ones are not allowed to be transferred to civilians. They are around, and will normally state that they are on a form III. You do not need to be a class III dealer to get one as some people have said, but you must have a class III dealer complete the transaction. You must also submit to an additional background check, finger printing, and pay a $200.00 tax to the BATFE. Once they sign off on your form the dealer can transfer the gun to you like any other rifle. I suggest starting by looking online to find the gun, then find a local dealer that will do the transfer for you. He should be able to help you with the paperwork.

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In CA? Never happen, forget about it.

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living in CA I don't think there is a legal way for you to buy a full auto anything. Now if you lived in Texas you could apply for your Class III gun license which would allow you to purchase a full auto AK or whatever you wanted. It takes a while to get it and I think it cost around 5 grand.

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are you amercians all gun mad ! i know you all have the right to bear arms but surely you have no reason to NEED an AK47 ?

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man.why u need AK 47.??

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It's called a hobby, pumpkin. We don't need fishing polls either when we can go to the store and buy fish but I don't hear you talking trash on fishing.

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they are illegal in the u.s. russia hass them,. but i dont think you would want to move to another country just to shoot a gun :]

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Jonathan Arthur Ciener has them, very expensive. First you must obtain a BATF Class 3 license. EXTREMELY difficult to obtain and maintain. But if you really want a AK that is the only legal way to get it.

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It is hard to find a working Full-Auto AK in the U.S. Mainly, you have to get the permit from the local law enforcement, and then you can get what you have the permit for. Most of the time when people get their permits, they will modify their semi-auto AK's to fire full auto. With the permit, it is o.k. to modify the sear. The only problem with this is that the gun can keep firing once you pull the trigger. Just keep doing some research to try to find a full-auto AK. And GOOD LUCK getting that permit in CA!

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You live in California! Duhhhhhhhhh. How old are you? Go play your X-Box.

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